Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning Nokia X


Nokia X

Nokia X Price and Specification

The main aim of company behind the launching of Nokia X was not to compete with the handsets of other brands but to offer the users great technology at an amazingly affordable price. I was very impressed with the Nokia X Price and the reasonable price tag encouraged me to go for this wonderful device. It undoubtedly boasts of a very powerful Nokia X Specification list but I also noticed some major shortfalls now after using the device for more than two months. So here I plan to share the strengths and weaknesses of this handset.


  • It is powered by dual core Cortex-A5 processor which is clocked at 1.0 GHz and is coupled with Adreno 203 GPU. This makes the device quite fast in performance.
  • Nokia X Features an IPS LCD capacitative screen of 4 inches, which comes with a WVGA resolution and a pixel density of 223 ppi.
  • The device offers a RAM of 512 GB and an internal storage of 4 GB. But if you find it insufficient you can expand the internal storage up to 32 GB by making use of a micro SD card.
  • The handset is equipped with a powerful battery of 1500 mAh, which offers decent backup.


  • The smart dialing feature, which is available in almost all the basic Android devices, is missing in this handset.
  • Plus I couldn’t find the document reader as well.
  • I think the company should have provided a front facing camera as well as the feature can be found in the handsets of brands, which are available in the same price bracket.  
  • The camera isn’t very impressive and it fails to offer the auto focus feature. Every time I have to adjust the focus manually while capturing pictures. Nokia mobiles get more models, specification, features here.

All That You Need To Know About Intex Aqua I5 HD


Intex Aqua i5 HD

Intex Aqua i5 HD Price and Specifications

Earlier this year Intex introduced a new contestant in its popular Aqua series. I was quite impressed with Intex Aqua I5 HD. Intex Aqua I5 HD Price in India was announced as Rs 9,990. This dual SIM device boasts of an exceptionally good Intex Aqua I5 HD Specification list. Now I have been using this device for more than a month hence wish to share some of the great features of this wonderful Smartphone that make it worth a buy.

  • The device is powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and the company promises to offer the users an Android 4.4.2 Kitkat update soon.
  • What I really like is its HD OGS display of 5 inch which comes with a screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.
  • The device is powered by quad core Mediatek processor which has been clocked at 1.3 GHz. The processor has been further enhanced with the presence of Mali 400 GPU and a RAM of 1 GB.
  • Another thing which is sure to impress you is the powerful camera of 13 megapixels that comes with an array of most impressive features. The device also features a front facing camera of 5 mega pixels which not only promises perfect selfies but also allows the user to enjoy video calls.  
  • The handset has an internal storage of 4 GB, but not to worry as this can be expanded up to 32 GB by making use of a micro SD card. Another great thing is that the users get access to an extra storage of 5 GB because of the presence of Intex Cloud.
  • The connectivity options are ample and include Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM Radio, EDGE, GPRS and 3G.
  • The handset features a powerful battery of 2000 mAh, which ensures a decent backup.   Get more details about Index Aqua I5 HD Price.    

Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2


Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Specification and Prices

I bought Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 last year soon after its release in the Indian market. I was very impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Specification list and hence enquired about the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Price. I found the device quite affordable especially because of the host of features it offered. So after using the handset for many months now I plan to share some of the best Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Features that make this device worth a buy.

  • Huge 5.25 inch HD screen which promises an optimal wide view for a great viewing experience. Furthermore, the aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9, which makes the device perfect for playing games and watching videos.
  • The design of the device is simply amazing. It is slimmer as compared to its successor and hence is extremely portable and comfortable to hold.
  • Multitasking is a breeze on this remarkable device. You can open more than one app in the mutli-window tray and then switch conveniently from one app to the other.
  • Plenty of camera functions are there and one of my favorites is the ‘Sound & Shot’. This function allows you to capture the spoken words at the time of taking the picture. Then there is Group Play that allows you to share documents, pictures and videos with your friends and family.
  • Another great thing is the in-built S translator that allows you to translate almost any word into the language that you understand.
  • The Dual SIM feature helps you in maintaining a perfect balance between your professional and personal lives.
  • The powerful battery of 2600 mAh allows you to play a 10 hours video without any need to recharge the battery.
  • There are plenty of connectivity options such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc Samsung galaxy mega grand 2 specs has been leaked.

How to Make the Best Use of Nokia Lumia 630 Camera


Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 Specification and Prices

Nokia Lumia 630 was introduced earlier this year and the device gained great popularity because of wonderful design, a powerful Nokia Lumia 630 Specification list, and host of features. The handset comes with a 5 mega pixel camera, which has been inculcated with features like auto focus and quality checks. The camera is capable of capturing quite decent pictures and videos. I really love to take pics from my Lumia 630 and hence wish to share some of the great Nokia Lumia 630 Features that will help you in getting the best out of your device’s camera.

  • In order to switch on the camera instantly all you need to do is to swipe down your screen’s top after pressing the power key. The icon of camera is present there and a mere tap on that icon will open the application.
  • The camera enters sleep mode if left unused for more than a minute. Drag the lock screen after pressing the power key, to wake up your camera.
  • A single tap at the video icon can help you in switching into the video mode.
  • The nokia camera zoom function can be used with the help just a single finger. Just swipe up to zoom in and swipe down to zoom out.
  • All you need to do is to tap the camera icon at the corner of the screen to capture stills.
  • You can adjust the focus manually by tapping on an object that you prefer to capture on the screen. The camera will automatically focus on that particular object.  
  • Make sure that your finger or mobile cover doesn’t cover the light sensor. This might decrease the quality of your pictures as well as screen display.

So if you also want to capture superb pics from Lumia 630 camera then buy the device today after enquiring about Nokia Lumia 630 Price.

Lets compared to Moto E Vs Nokia Limia 630

Micromax Unite 2 A106- Offering Much More Than You Can Think


After the tremendous success of budget friendly phone Moto E, Motorola finally introduced Micromax Unite 2 A106 in the Indian markets. I was very much impressed with the powerful Micromax Unite 2 A106 Specification list and a wide array of most amazing features. I immediately bought the device after enquiring about the Micromax Unite 2 A106 Price. I brought the retail package to my home and was quite excited to see its contents. In the box I found: get other mobiles.

Micromax Unite 2 A106

Micromax Unite 2 A106 specification and prices


  • The impressive handset
  • Headset
  • 2000 mAh battery
  • USB data cable
  • USB wall charger
  • Warranty card
  • User guide

Following are the Micromax Unite 2 A106 Features that really amazed me and make this handset worth a buy.

  • The device features a 4.7 inch screen that has WVGA IPS display and a pixel density of 199 ppi, which is in fact quite decent for a device that bears such an affordable price tag.
  • You will find that it is powered by quad core Mediatek MT6582M processor clocked at 1.3 Ghz. The presence of this processor makes the device exceptionally fast and efficient. Hence you get a great gaming and browsing experience.
  • The device runs on Android Kitkat OS and offers a RAM of 1 GB, which offers plenty of space in conjunction with an internal storage of 4 GB, which can be further expended up to 32 GB with the help on a micro SD card.
  • Plus the device comes with a decent 5 mega pixel camera which comes with an LED flash. You also have a front facing camera on the device which is of 2 megapixels and allows you to enjoy video calling.
  • Dual SIM feature is another great surprise. It allows you to prevent your professional life from getting mixed up with your personal life.

Tips To Boost the Battery Life of Your Nokia Lumia 525


Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525 Specification and Prices

I bought Nokia Lumia 525 last year and that time the Nokia Lumia 525 Price was just Rs 9,400. I immediately purchased the handset as I was searching for a good phone below 10K. Now if you have a look at the Nokia Lumia 525 Specification list, you will notice that the handset is powered by a Li-Ion battery of capacity 1430 mAh. But despite of good battery backup, I was unable to sustain by battery life for long durations, which resulted in the need to charge my device frequently.

I discussed this problem with my friend who was using the same handset. He then told me that it wasn’t necessary to run all the Nokia Lumia 525 Features all the time. So he told me some great tips to modify the settings in order to reduce the battery consumption of my device. The same tips I wish you share with the readers of my blog.

  • Always try to fully charge your phone battery in a single go, rather than charging it in small intervals.
  • Unless you are at a very crowded place (where you might not hear your handset ringing) or attending an urgent meeting (where you do not want your cell to ring), try to avoid keeping your handset on the vibrator mode. The vibrator consumes a lot of power.
  • Try to avoid using speakers, instead go for wired head phones.
  • Try to keep a short time out for the screen light. The time out limit should not be kept for more than 1 min or 30 seconds as the screen light consumes considerable amount of power.
  • Try to mute the sounds that are not necessary for instance keypad sounds. These sounds also affect your battery life.
  • Also try to run your device in Power Saver Mode. Get more information and more more nokia models click here.



Xolo Q600s- Creating Ripples in the Market


Lava Q600s

Lava Q600S Specification and Prices

XOLO, the renowned domestic Smartphone maker released two wonderful handsets earlier this year. Xolo Q600s was introduced at the price of Rs 7,499 in the category of entry level Smartphones. Honestly, I was very impressed with the Xolo Q600s price and bought the device two months back. Now as I have been using it for a long time, I wish to share some great Xolo Q600s features that make it a worthy pick.

  • If you have a look at the Xolo Q600s specification list, you will see that the device features Android 4.4.2 Kitkat operating system, which is quite a decent one at such a low price tag.
  • As far as build and design is concerned, the device feels solid when placed in hand and looks quite amazing as well. The best part is that it looks more expensive than it actually is. The smooth cures and sharp edges not only facilitate easy handling of the device but also impart a distinct look to it. It comes in two color options- white and black. I opted for the white variant.        
  • The device offers the users with a qHD display of 4.5 inches. The bezels present on the top and bottom are considerably big in comparison to the side bezels. The pixel density of the screen is 245 ppi. The display is crisp and clear. It is in fact the strongest feature of this phone, especially when the affordable price is taken into consideration. Plus the viewing angels are also excellent.  
  • Another thing which impressed me is the camera of 5 mega pixels which comes with an auto focus feature and has the capability of recording 720 p videos. The device even includes a VGA camera that facilities video calling. The options and settings are limited but the overall interface is quite user friendly.   Get more information, models about lava mobiles click here.

Handy Tips to Get the Best Out Of Your Sony Xperia M


Sony Xperia M

Sony Xperia M Specification and Prices

I bought Sony Xperia M as soon as it was introduced in the market last year. The device not only boasts of a powerful Sony Xperia M Specification list but is also available at an extremely affordable price. Currently Sony Xperia M Price in India is just Rs 9,600 and you must believe me that it offers an amazing performance at such an affordable rate. If you are planning to buy this handset or already own one, then you will love the tips that I plan to share here.

  • It is quite easy to soft reset this handset as all you need to do is to hold the Power button for about 10 seconds and the device will get automatically restarted. If this fails to work, then just remove the battery, wait for about a minute before replacing it, and restart the device.  
  • When you are shooting videos or taking pics then just tap the screen to focus on a particular spot and the settings will be automatically adjusted to enhance the video or image quality.
  • Try to make use of PIN rather than using Face Unlock. Sony Xperia M Features Face Lock that might give trouble in case of dim light conditions. It also might not work when you are wearing a scarf or a hat.
  • The device even allows you to conveniently store phone numbers that you have received in our email. All you need to do is to hold your finger n the number for just a while and a menu will pop up giving you the options to call that number, send a text message to it or add it to your contacts list.  
  • If you are browsing and having trouble in reading the small font then all you need to do is to pinch the screen to zoom out the web page.  

So use these tips and increase the efficiency of your device. Get more Sony mobile models here.    

What Is So Cool About Samsung Galaxy Core


Samsung Galaxy Core

Samsung Galaxy Core Specification and Prices

I bought Samsung Galaxy Core last year after being impressed from Samsung Galaxy Core Specification list, which boasted of Android 4.1 Jelly bean operating system and 1.2 GHz dual core processor. Other things that attracted my attention were inbuilt memory of 8 GB and RAM of 1 GB. Then I enquired about the Samsung Galaxy Core Price and was amazed to find out that this wonderful device was available at just Rs 12,000. I immediately bought the handset and now it has been more than 10 months since I am using it. Here I plan to share some great Samsung Galaxy Core Features that make this device worth buying. Click here to know Samsung galaxy core launching details.

  • The remarkable device allows you to take the screenshots of your display. This can be easily done by holding the Home as well as Power button together for about 5 seconds. The screenshot will be automatically captured and stored in the SD card picture folder.  
  • You can enable Blocking Mode to prevent unnecessary calls from disturbing you. During this mode, you will only receive notifications or the calls from the people that you have marked on the allowed list.
  • Now this device also allows you to choose the font in which you want your display text to appear. You can choose from the wide variety of font choices including Helvetica S, Cool Jazz, Choco Cooky and Rosemary. You can even change the font size from large, medium and small depending upon your preferences.      
  • Another great feature that I like is the Smart Stay that prevents the Smartphone from turning off when I am looking at it. It immediately turns off as soon as I look away, as if like magic.
  • The device allows you to turn on Power Saving Mode, which makes sure that you battery life gets extended.   Click to visit Samsung get more Samsung mobiles specifications, price, features and review.

Things to Know About Your Nokia XL


Nokia XL

Nokia XL Specification and Prices

I hope you remember the launch of three wonderful devices based on AOSP powered Nokia X platform earlier this year at the MCW 2014. Since then, I have been keen on buying Nokia XL. I enquired about Nokia XL price as soon as it entered the markets and bought the same. To be honest, it has everything that a perfect Smartphone should have. What I especially like about the device is the powerful Nokia XL specification list, which boats of a better camera, larger screen and faster processor as compared to its counterparts. Now I have been using he device for a considerable amount of time and hence wish to share a few tips here that will help you in using this astounding device in the best manner. Need more specification about Nokia XL click here.

  • The best part I like about this device is that it does not support a unibody design and it is possible to remove its back cover. But for doing this you need to know the exact way of doing it. You need to hold the phone with the thumb of one hand placed at the back cover’s centre and the cover has to be pulled out by using the thumb of the other hand from the top corner. If done in this manner, it will pop out in an instant without any struggle.
  • Nokia XL features two SIM card slots but remember both have to be Micro SIM cards, so get your SIM card altered to the right shape before inserting.
  • You will be amazed to know that it is possible to alter the overall look of the handset’s interface and that too without the need of root access. All you need to do is to go to the Nokia Store and there you will find a number of themes available specifically for Android OS. Then search for the right kind of launcher and change the look of your phone’s screen in just a few seconds.   Visit Nokia to get more nokia mobiles here.