iPhone 6 Price

Apple iPhone 6 Price

Apple iPhone speaks about quality and perfection. With brilliant specifications and amazing features, the products of Apple have set a trend in the industry. They are known to boast of excellence and precision.  No wonder, you would love to have it in your hands.

The sensational factors

Sporting a 4.7-inch screen, iPhone 6 looks simply awesome. Bundled with “wow” factors, the fashionable model stands no best alternative; at least for the iPhone freaks. The model incorporates Apple Pay, which is the trendy and potentially revolutionary payment system. The NFC-powered system turns your phone into a safe credit card. In fact, Apple Pay could be one of the chief selling points of this amazing device from the house of Apple.

The Apple Pay – in detail

Apple Pay is potentially the biggest attribute on the new iPhone model. However, in order to find out whether it works exactly the same way it is advertised, you have to wait for the highly-anticipated release of this product in India. The iPhone 6 is geared up to hit the stores on October 17 amidst extensive rumours. Get more details about Apple mobile phone here.

Well, one point needs special mention here. The introduction of this new technology would hopefully make it peak the rest. The NFC element is in perfect sync with the Passbook to offer you a trouble-free and flawless payment with just a tap of the phone. Well, Apple Pay is essentially the same and analogous to the other contactless ways of payments. Also, it uses the present readers to allow you to pay with your phone.

Now, it’s time for you to stay tuned with the reviews of the phone before you pick one as soon as it hits the stores. Also, go for the store that would offer you the best and competitive iPhone 6 price. The price in India would range something in between 55,000INR to 75,000 INR. Here you can check iPhone 6 reviews and specifications.