Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525 Specification and Prices

I bought Nokia Lumia 525 last year and that time the Nokia Lumia 525 Price was just Rs 9,400. I immediately purchased the handset as I was searching for a good phone below 10K. Now if you have a look at the Nokia Lumia 525 Specification list, you will notice that the handset is powered by a Li-Ion battery of capacity 1430 mAh. But despite of good battery backup, I was unable to sustain by battery life for long durations, which resulted in the need to charge my device frequently.

I discussed this problem with my friend who was using the same handset. He then told me that it wasn’t necessary to run all the Nokia Lumia 525 Features all the time. So he told me some great tips to modify the settings in order to reduce the battery consumption of my device. The same tips I wish you share with the readers of my blog.

  • Always try to fully charge your phone battery in a single go, rather than charging it in small intervals.
  • Unless you are at a very crowded place (where you might not hear your handset ringing) or attending an urgent meeting (where you do not want your cell to ring), try to avoid keeping your handset on the vibrator mode. The vibrator consumes a lot of power.
  • Try to avoid using speakers, instead go for wired head phones.
  • Try to keep a short time out for the screen light. The time out limit should not be kept for more than 1 min or 30 seconds as the screen light consumes considerable amount of power.
  • Try to mute the sounds that are not necessary for instance keypad sounds. These sounds also affect your battery life.
  • Also try to run your device in Power Saver Mode. Get more information and more more nokia models click here.