Nokia XL

Nokia XL Specification and Prices

I hope you remember the launch of three wonderful devices based on AOSP powered Nokia X platform earlier this year at the MCW 2014. Since then, I have been keen on buying Nokia XL. I enquired about Nokia XL price as soon as it entered the markets and bought the same. To be honest, it has everything that a perfect Smartphone should have. What I especially like about the device is the powerful Nokia XL specification list, which boats of a better camera, larger screen and faster processor as compared to its counterparts. Now I have been using he device for a considerable amount of time and hence wish to share a few tips here that will help you in using this astounding device in the best manner. Need more specification about Nokia XL click here.

  • The best part I like about this device is that it does not support a unibody design and it is possible to remove its back cover. But for doing this you need to know the exact way of doing it. You need to hold the phone with the thumb of one hand placed at the back cover’s centre and the cover has to be pulled out by using the thumb of the other hand from the top corner. If done in this manner, it will pop out in an instant without any struggle.
  • Nokia XL features two SIM card slots but remember both have to be Micro SIM cards, so get your SIM card altered to the right shape before inserting.
  • You will be amazed to know that it is possible to alter the overall look of the handset’s interface and that too without the need of root access. All you need to do is to go to the Nokia Store and there you will find a number of themes available specifically for Android OS. Then search for the right kind of launcher and change the look of your phone’s screen in just a few seconds.   Visit Nokia to get more nokia mobiles here.