Apple iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 Specification and Prices

I bought Apple Iphone 4 two years back and am still using it without any trouble. I am quite happy with the Apple Iphone 4 Specification list and the host of Apple Iphone 4 Features that the device has to offer. Today Apple Iphone 4 Price India is just 20,400 and in case you are planning to go for a good handset then I would strictly recommend you to go for Iphone 4. Here I plan to share some useful tips that I have learnt from my personal experience and hope will help you in getting the best value of Apple Iphone 4 Price.

  • The first thing I would like you to know is that the connector cord of the device is quite flimsy and can break easily. So you need to handle this with care while disconnecting it from the USB port or the power outlet.
  • Make sure to track your data usage by making the appropriate settings. This is because with Iphone 4 in your hand, you are sure to use more data than you really think you need.
  • You will be surely surprised to see how the memory of your device gets filled up. Make sure to clean unwanted clutter from your phone every now and then. You need to keep the space free for smooth functioning of your device. Too much filled memory space will lead to frozen web pages and crashed apps.  
  • Be very careful before plugging your phone in a car charger. Using a car charger to charge your device is fine until the charger carries a reputed brand name. Just any charger can fry the main board of your device.
  • Always make sure to keep your device password protected. It can be easily done under the “Security” section of the Settings tab.