samsung galaxy note 3

samsung galaxy note 3 specification and prices

There are some great perks in the new Samsung Galaxy S5. Not only does the device boast of a very powerful Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification list, but it is also loaded with a wide selection of hidden Samsung Galaxy S5 Features. Here I plan to reveal some of the hidden S5 features that will surely help you in getting the full value of Samsung Galaxy S5 Price.

  • The S5 comes with a stylus, which offers surprisingly awesome precision. For something more surprising, all you need to do is to sharpen a pencil and use it for drawing on your screen. You will be amazed to see that there will be no scratches on the screen plus the pencil will work as fine as the S pen.
  • Most people use the device with usual video modes – Dynamic or Adapt. In both the options the whites are slightly bluish and the rest of the colors are intensely saturated. It night be perfectly fine with you but in case you are a little picky like me then try changing the screen mode to ‘ Professional Photo’ to experience truer whites and less saturated colors.
  • Try out the optional S console that works as a perfect gamepad and can transform your device into a gaming console. All you need to do is to download the S console software and gets started. The company offers 49 compatible games, which can be downloaded through Samsung App store.
  • Another thing that you cannot miss is the Samsung Wallet. It comes with a bundle of in-store coupons that can be utilized while shopping at stores that are in cooperation with coupons.com and Valpak.

In case you also want to use these features and haven’t yet bought S5 then just find out about Samsung Galaxy S5 Price in India.