Panasonic P81

Panasonic P81 Specification and Prices

I am a big fan of Japanese technology and hence immediately planned to buy Panasonic P81 as soon as I heard about its launch in the Indian market last month. I searched over the internet to get a fair idea about the Panasonic P81 Specification as well as Panasonic P81 Features. I also found out that Panasonic P81 Price in India is just Rs 16,500 and the device is being sold by online as well as offline retailers. I placed my order online and got the device in just four days after placing my order.

As soon as I started using the device, I realized that it has provided me with full value of Panasonic P81 Price in terms of design and performance. Things I really liked about the device include:

  • Customized user interface: Because of the presence of numerous remarkable features such as easy to use SMS and contacts, built-in call recorder, a pop-up video player, gesture commands and the apps like Play More that offer a wide variety of themes, it is quite easy to use this magnificent device.
  • As far as camera is concerned, it is sure to impress you with its performance. It is capable of capturing pics with finest details, minimal noise and vibrant colors. Even if you capture an image indoors, you will be able to notice noise only if you view the same at full resolution. The camera offers you with four shooting modes such as GIF, Panorama, HDR and Normal.
  • Now if I come to battery performance, it is undoubtedly astounding. I had a view of the specs list and found that the phone is equipped with a battery of 2500 mAh. The powerful battery lasts for about a day in case your phone is used heavily and for about a day and half if used normally.