Samsung galaxy s5

Samsung galaxy s5 specification and features

It is a well-known fact that every Samsung Smartphone comes with an array of most outstanding features and Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t an exception.  The device not only boasts of a powerful Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification list, but also comes loaded with plethora of amazing Samsung Galaxy S5 Features. Now here I plan to share some of the most eye-catching features that all S5 users must discover in order to get full value of Samsung Galaxy S5 Price.

  • Toolbox- Open Settings menu and you will see ‘Toolbox’ option sitting in the middle. As soon as you tap it, a customizable toolbox will get opened where you will find a number of app shortcuts.
  • Setting Priority- All of us have favorites and especially in the case of text messaging. Now if you enable ‘Priority Senders’ option, the device places all your favorite contacts directly in the priority list of the messaging app. You can select up to 25 contacts that can be added to the priority list of your message app.
  • Connect Quickly: Thanks to the S-Beam, which has always allowed the users to share content in the most convenient manner with the other Galaxy users. Now there is another way “Quick Connect” that will automatically come up with a list of devices with which you can connect.
  • Color Your Folders: Those who love to remain organized can now add different colors to their folders in order to differentiate app groups. Color options include brown, gray maroon, green and blue.
  • Taking Calls While Enjoying Apps- Now you do not have to leave a certain app for taking an important call. All you need to do is to enable the Call Notification feature and then you can take calls without interfering with the app that is running.

If you are interested in buying this wonderful device then you will be glad to know that Samsung Galaxy S5 Price In India is just Rs 34,399.