Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note Specification and Prices

In 2012, Samsung smartly bridged the gap between a Smartphone and a tablet by introducing Samsung Galaxy Note. The device not only boasted of a superb Samsung Galaxy Note Specification list but also offered a wide array of most outstanding Samsung Galaxy Note Features. In addition to all this, the device also offered some great quick access abilities. It also included an S-pen which could do much more than typing and navigation. Samsung Galaxy Note Price in India today is around Rs 19,999.  So if you are planning the device then I will share some coolest tips here that will allow you to get the best value of Samsung Galaxy Note Price.

  • Multilingual support: the device allows you to set different languages including Korean, Italian, French, Spanish, English as well as German. As soon as you set a particular language the S pen immediately recognizes words in the same language to offer suggestions in messaging and documents.
  • Virtual PC Applications: The device makes you feel at ease even when you are not in your office by offering the programs like Power Office, Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, Firefox and many more. A number of such apps are available in the Google Play Store.
  • Motion gestures: Even in the absence of the S Pen, you can screen capture by making use of right hand and placing it perpendicular to the screen’s right side.
  • Setting up: You can easily make use of Ready2Go Wizard which helps you to set up your device with the help of a PC by configuring ringtones, wallpapers, home screen, contacts, emails, etc. All you need to do is to follow the onscreen prompts and you will be able to setup your device in a very convenient manner.

If you are ready to have fun with these features, then just buy the device today. Click here to know about Samsung galaxy note release update.