Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification and Prices

I recently bought Samsung Galaxy S5 and what I liked about the device was the extreme degree of customization and control that it offered.  Apart from a highly impressive Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification list, the device also boasts of numerous outstanding Samsung Galaxy S5 Features. Considering Samsung Galaxy S5 Price, you must know how to use the safety features in order to prevent data theft from your expensive device.

  • Make sure to use an alphanumeric password, which is quite difficult to figure out. The presence of password makes sure that the important info that your phone carries is accessible only to you.
  • Most people do not realize the importance of installing antivirus software. Android malware isn’t quite common, but still it is better to keep your device protected for the adverse.
  • Make sure to activate Samsung Anti-theft feature, which allows you to track your device with the help of an onboard GPS chip that is present in your phone, in case it gets stolen. It also allows you to remotely lock your handset so that your data does not get into wrong hands.
  • Also do not forget to activate Samsung’s Reactivation Lock. It is quite similar to the Activation Lock found in Apple handsets. It is in fact a sort of soft “kill switch”, which has been designed to automatically reset your device to ‘factory settings’ and stop the thieves from reactivating it. Thus it will become difficult for the thief to resell your device in that condition. But the best part is that you can make use of your ‘Samsung Password’ in order to reactivate your device after you find it.
  • Wi-Fi networks, even if they are password protected, aren’t very high on security and hence it is possible for people to take advantage by snooping over your network and stealing the data that gets transmitted over it. This can be prevented by downloading a VPP App, which masks your IP address.