Samsung Galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy s5 Specification and Prices

If you are here, that means you must have bought this wonderful device or are planning to do so. So if you have already done so then accept my congratulations and if you are planning to buy it then you will be glad to know that Samsung Galaxy S5 Price in India is just Rs 34,999. When it comes to Smartphones, the two things that help to evaluate them are – the specs list and the features. And in both the terms, S5 is a winner. It not only exhibits a powerful Samsung Galaxy S5 Specification list but also offers a wide variety of mind blowing Samsung Galaxy S5 Features. So if you have just pulled out the shiny, brand new device from the retail package, here are some things that you need to follow in order to get the full value of Samsung Galaxy S5 Price.

  • Make Your Device Password Protected- You definitely need a password to protect your device. If you failed to create a password at the time of first startup then do it now by going to ‘Settings’ and accessing ‘Lock Screen’. You can also use a swipe pattern lock instead of using a password and it’s equally effective.  
  • Making an account at Samsung App store- The next important thing is to sign up for Samsung App Store, from where you will be downloading all the important apps on your device.
  • Mounting a SD card- if you have bought a 16 GB version, then mounting a SD card will become necessary as the system software itself occupies large space on the device, leaving very less space for videos, pictures, and important docs.
  • Taking all the plastic off your Samsung Galaxy S5- Many parts of the handset, including the camera are covered with thin film of plastic in order to keep it in pristine position when it reaches you. This plastic should be taken off before using the device. You can know how to enable easy mode on the Samsung galaxy s5 visit this link http://www.androidcentral.com/galaxy-s5-wireless-charging