Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525 Specification and Prices

I bought this wonderful device last year and was quite satisfied with its performance. The device not only offered a wonderful Nokia Lumia 525 Specification list but was also equipped with plenty of awe-inspiring Nokia Lumia 525 Features. If you have a look at the specs list you will find that the handset comes with a 1430 mAh battery, which is in fact good enough if Nokia Lumia 525 Price is considered. But I started facing problem when my battery started draining out very frequently. I had to charge my handset at least twice a day, which was quite annoying at times. Then one of my friends gave me some great tips to reduce my battery consumption and I wish to share the same tips with Nokia Lumia 525 users.

  • The first thing he asked me to do is to activate ‘Power Saver’ mode. In this mode, the device automatically shuts down live updates, notification, and the apps performing in the background as soon as the remaining battery life hits 20%.
  • Second important thing that he told me was to keep my display brightness low. The brightness in Smartphones is related to considerable battery drain. And hence he asked me to activate the ‘Automatically Adjust’ feature so that the brightness is reduced automatically.
  • He told me that location services also must be turned off in not in use as Applications like Navigation and Weather remain constantly active consuming a major chunk of your battery life.
  • The next thing he advised was to keep my Wi-Fi network off if I am not using it. The internet connection also consumes a lot of battery life.

So if you also want to utilize these tips then simply enquire about Nokia Lumia 525 Price In India to own the device.       Need to compare other models visit this link http://thefootballexaminer.com/technology-22/comparison-of-nokia-lumia-630-635-with-lumia-525-3459.html