Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525 Specification and Prices

This wonderful device was crafted to provide the best performance at the best price. The main strength of Lumia 525 was its powerful Nokia Lumia 525 Specification list and the wide array of outstanding Nokia Lumia 525 Features. Nokia Lumia 525 Price in India is just Rs 9,400 and hence it is a perfect choice for people with limited budget. I bought Nokia Lumia 525 a few months back and only after buying did I realize the importance of knowing some important basic about the device that I plan to share here. 

  • Hard Reset your device: Lumia 525 can be rest by two different ways. The first is hard reset that involves the device’s hardware part. All you need to do is to take out the handset’s battery and insert it again. Now simply turn on your device. This will refresh your device without the loss of any data. But the second method, which is soft reset, involves the setting of your device to default. So after that your device will be like a brand new one with no data on it.
  • Importing contacts from your old phone set: Contacts are vital for most of us as it becomes difficult to get in touch with people without their contact number. Now if you have invested in Nokia Lumia 525 Price, then shifting the contacts one by one to your new phone can be a time and effort involving job. Now this can be done effortlessly and quickly by using a PC to do so.
  • Taking a screenshot of your display: All you need to do is to press Start Key and Power Key together for about few seconds and the screenshot will be taken and saved in your gallery.

So use this information in order to know your device better.