Samsung galaxy grand

Samsung galaxy grand specifications and prices

Samsung Galaxy Grand still maintains solid popularity because of Samsung Galaxy Grand Specification list. The device is superb in terms of design as well as performance. Even I bought Galaxy Grand a few months back. And hence I wish to share some of the most remarkable Samsung Galaxy Grand Features that not only justify Samsung Galaxy Grand Price but can also boost the performance of this amazing device.
• There must be some of your favorite website for which you would prefer to create a shortcut, so that they can be directly accessed from the homescreen itself. This can be easily done by opening your browser, going to your bookmarks list, pressing and holding a particular bookmark for a few seconds and finally selecting the option “Add Shortcut to Home”.
• There must have been times when you would have felt like adding some text at the back of photographs, like you used to do with regular photos, when mobiles didn’t exist. Grand allows you to do the same with your digital photographs as well. Open a photograph and then go to ‘Menu’ and select the option ‘Draw on Image’. This will simply flip your photograph, allowing you to write whatever you want with the help of an S Pen. Just click ‘Done’ when you have finished.
• Have you ever thought of taking your current screen’s screenshot? If yes, then here is how to do it. Get your S pen and place it on your current screen and just press the whole button while placing the pen down towards the screen. This will not only capture the shot but will also offer you with a number of options to edit that picture.
Even you can access such great features by enquiring about Samsung Galaxy Grand Price in India and buying the device today.