Nokia XL

Nokia XL Specification and Prices

The Nokia XL Features that allured me to buy the device were dual SIM feature, presence of FM radio, superb display of 5 inches and above all a very reasonable Nokia XL Price. I picked the phone despite countless Android options available in the market in the same price bracket. But now I regret my decision because of many problems that I now face after using the device for more than a month.

  • The device might boast of an impressive Nokia XL Specification list, but it is hard to deny the fact that it runs on a forked version of Android and is unable to offer Google services. In order to get the Android feel, I tried side loading Kit kat Launcher APK and made an effort to customize it. I even had to download Adobe Flash player in order to run my favorite Facebook games on Mozilla Firefox. Since I could not manage to get WhatsApp on my phone, despite of various tries, I was quite disappointed.
  • I wasn’t very impressed with the keyboard as well.  The Nokia XL Price in India is Rs 9,750 and with same budget there are plenty of Android handsets that are offering much impressive keyboards. I found the XL keyboard to be quite messy and void of user logic. The main disadvantage in the lag, which is sometimes impossible to bear. 
  • The speed with which the apps open is simply miserable. Today, when most devices are blazing fast, coping up with sluggish performance and lags requires a hell lot of patience.
  • As far as screen is concerned, Nokia XL offers a quite normal screen but is definitely better and brighter when compared with the screen of Nokia X.

So, if you are planning to buy XL, just make sure you do it after analyzing all the aspects.