Blackberry z10

Blackberry z10 specification and prices

Blackberry Z10  was launched last year and enjoyed the reputation of being one of the hottest Smartphones in the market. I was really impressed with outstanding Blackberry Z10 Specification list and hence immediately bought this wonderful device without any delay. Now here I wish to share some of my favorite Blackberry Z10 Features that according to me allow the user to enjoy full value of Blackberry Z10 Price.

  • I really like the presence of HDMI-out port that allows me to conveniently couple my device with computer, TV or any device equipped with HDMI-in port. This port helps me in enjoying HD movies and much more on a bigger screen.
  • Another thing that won my heart is the Time Shift camera setting. With this wonderful feature you can capture flawless group photos, especially the ones that include children who find it extremely difficult to remain still even for a few seconds. With this feature, the camera captures a series of images, which can be re-winded or fast forwarded to obtain the best facial expressions. And believe me it works real well.
  • Plus there is an awesome virtual keyboard, which offers one of the best touch screens. The ease of use and accuracy it offers is difficult to beat and its predictive text feature puts the touch screen keypads of many competitor brands to shame. The size of the on-screen keys is quite large, which makes it easier to type.
  •  With the Active Frame feature, I have the power to keep around 8 applications running at the same time. Each app will be displayed in its own unique active frame, which makes it easy to switch between apps.

So if you are also interested in taking benefit of these wonderful features then book your device today by finding out Blackberry Z10 Price In India.