Nokia lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620 Specification and prices

I have always been a Nokia Fan and hence bought Nokia Lumia 620 a few months back. I bought the device because of its extremely convincing Nokia Lumia 620 Specification list. Another reason of my buying the device was its affordability as the Nokia Lumia 620 Price in India is just Rs 11,159. I was very satisfied with the performance of my device until I met my cousin over a function. She had the same set in her hand and started discussing some of the most amazing Nokia Lumia 620 Features. Honestly, I wasn’t even aware of half of those features. I asked her to explain about these features in detail. Now the following are my favorite features.

  • The Power Of Camera- The camera of your device is in fact a very powerful tool as it can be used in several other ways such as for translating a piece of text in more than 39 languages. All you need to do is to click the search button as well as the eye icon and point your camera over the text. Now tap over ‘scan text’ and you will be presented with the list of languages in which you want that text to be translated.      
  • Use Shortcuts for Typing Quick- These shortcuts save your time while composing a text message, an email or a OneNote entry. They allow you to slide over number and alphabets rather than changing the mode every time you need to type either of them. These shortcuts increase your efficiency and justify Nokia Lumia 620 Price.  
  •  Identify Your Tunes- All you need to do is to upload your music into your device and within just a few seconds, you will see that the name of the track as well as its artist will be displayed.