Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G Specification and Price

Motorola Moto G is undoubtedly one of the best phones available at such a reasonable price. The device was launched at the end of last year and my sister gifted it to me as this year’s New Year present. It’s needless to say that the device boasts of an exceptionally outstanding Motorola Moto G Specification list that includes a display of 4.5 inches, a powerful battery, Android Kitkat operating system plus a speedy quad core processor. In addition to it, the device offers the users with a wide array of superb Motorola Moto G Features. But in order to get the best value of Motorola Moto G price, I personally recommend you to check out these amazing accessories that I have bought recently.

  • Back case with screen guard- This wonderful case comes with a screen guard as well. This silicon case is not only flexile but also tough enough to offer complete protection to your device. It has cut-outs that allow you to access all the features and ports without causing any hindrance.  The screen guard protects the screen of your device from scratches without compromising with its clarity. 
  • Battery extension pack- The external battery pack promises approximately 500 charge cycles before getting exhausted permanently. It is even equipped with LED indicators that keep you informed about the amount of charge left in the pack. The availability of two USB ports allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.
  • Desk and car mount- This amazing accessory can be adjusted in order to hold your device while you are driving or busy working at your desk. Its smooth working mechanism facilitates convenient adjustment.

So in case you also feel like buying these accessories but haven’t still bought this wonderful device then just book your handset online after enquiring about Motorola Moto G Price In India.