Nokia 220

Nokia 220 Specification and prices

As soon as Nokia 220 was introduced at Barcelona in the Mobile Word Congress 2014, I determined to own this beautiful device. The most impressive thing next to Nokia 220 Specification list was the availability of covers with matching keypads in innumerous eye-catching colors such as cyan, yellow, white, black and red. In addition to this the device also boasted of most remarkable Nokia 220 Features. When the 220 entered the India market earlier this year, I immediately bough the phone as Nokia 220 Price In India was just Rs 2730.

As I was quite happy and satisfied with the Nokia 220 Price I thought of investing a few bucks in buying some of the best accessories for my phone. I recommend the following accessories for all 220 buyers.

  • In-car Holder- This accessory securely holds your handset while you are driving your car. The stand can be placed in your dashboard or pasted to the inside corner of your car’s windscreen. The best part is that this holder can be rotated 360 degrees, hence allowing you to have a look at your handset at any angle. 
  • Liquid Screen- Liquid layer nano-technology is ideal for phones, tablets and even glasses. The best part about this liquid screen is that it saves your handset from grease, bacteria and fingerprints. Plus it is easy to apply and even enhances the overall look and feel of your device.
  • Portable Charger- You will never run out of battery life if you have this wonderful accessory in your pocket. It is capable enough of giving you around 500 charges in its lifetime. It comes with several charging adapters that allow you to charge other Nokia phones as well. This reusable, small and discreet device is simply awesome.  
  • Bluetooth Headset- This offers you highest sound quality with the help of DSP (Digital Signal Processing). It even offers automatic volume adjustment.