Samsung galaxy s4

Samsung galaxy s4 Specification and prices

My cousin bought his first Smartphone—Samsung Galaxy S4 a few weeks back. He was not acquainted with most of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Features and hence asked me to help him out. So I invited him over dinner to share a few tips that could help him to get real value of Samsung Galaxy S4 Price. First of all I told him on making such a great choice because the device boasts of an exceptionally good Samsung Galaxy S4 Specification list. Then I started to teach him a few important things about the device.

  • I taught him to customize the quick Settings panel according to his requirements. I introduced him to the five “Quick Settings” toggles that can be seen by pulling down the notification bar.
  • I also taught him how to activate Air Gestures by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘My Device’ in which there is ‘Motions and Gestures’. This allows the user to check notifications without even touching the handset. If the phone is lying on the table, the user just needs to wave his/her hand in the air and all the notifications will be displayed instantly.
  • I also taught him to block unnecessary calls and messages by activating ‘Blocking Mode’. One can even set a particular timing for this mode to get activated automatically at the same time every day. You can also choose from the alerts that you want to block. Just in case you want to attend the calls of some important people then just mark them in ‘Golden’ category, and then only those calls will be reaching you during that mode.
  • I told him how to make his battery last longer by activating ‘Power Saver Mode’.

So if you also want to get benefitted from these tips then just enquire about Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in India and get your handset today.  We can compare with other models like Samsung galaxy s4 Vs Samsung galaxy s5 Vs galaxy Note 3 need to click here.