Motorola Moto X

Moto X Specification and Prices


I immediately bought Motorola Moto X as soon as it was launched in India. Despite featuring a limited Motorola Moto X Specification list, the device still has some of the most outstanding features to offer. So here is a look at the top value added features that justify Motorola Moto X price.

  • Touchless control: It is the ‘Natural Language Processor’ that powers this amazing feature with the help of the three microphones—front, back as well as audio jack near the top. The handset is always awake, ready to respond on the trigger phase, which is ‘OK, Google Now’ for performing all sorts of functions including a calendar reminder, an alarm setting, getting Google map directions, playing music and much more. The best part is that you don’t have to use even a single figure for doing the errands mentioned above.
  • Active Display: Now, it is the ‘Contextual Processor’ that makes use of motion sensors for making this feature work. The feature makes the handset sense the right environment for showing notifications or displaying time on the screen. The screen will become active as soon as the user takes the device out of his pocket or picks it from the table. Hence eliminating the need to unlock screen every time.          
  • Driving Mode: It is one of the most impressive Motorola Moto X Features that comes with Motorola Assist Application.  It allows you to focus on the road while staying fully connected with your device. You can also customize settings in order to make your handset read out the notifications as well name of the person calling you.

So if you are also interested in enjoying these wonderful features then just find out about the Motorola Moto X Price in India to buy the superb handset today. Click here to get more details about Moto X