Sony Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z Specification and Prices

One of the most impressive things about Sony Xperia Z Specification list is the presence of Android- which is undoubtedly one of the most flexible and efficient mobile operating system. It gives me the power to swap anything, right from the app drawer to the browser for something more impressive and better.  Although experts believe that rooting your device is the best way to enhance Sony Xperia Z Features, but I love simpler things. So as I am a fan of easier and quicker options, I tried to search the Android market for giving my Sony Xperia Z, a personalized look. I finally opted for the following apps and successfully personalized my device as per my tastes and requirements.

  • ADW.Launcher- Installing a launcher- replacement app is one of the most easiest and convenient way of altering the function and look of your app drawer or home screen. This particular app offers you with a wide variety of controls to modify most of the aspects associated with your mobile’s home screen. It can change the overall look of your home screen drastically.
  • Myxer- It is the right choice for people like me who have had enough of basic Android ringtones. With this app you can get the real value of Sony Xperia Z Price, by choosing and installing from more than hundred free tones. It can even help you in creating your own ringtone while choosing any MP3 file.
  • Backgrounds HD Wallpapers- This is one of my favorite apps and it offers you with thousands of most beautiful and unique images to choose as your wallpaper. The best part is that these images fit perfectly in your mobile screen.

If you are planning to buy Xperia Z then you will be glad to know that the Sony Xperia Z Price in India is just Rs 26,899.