Sony Xperia z2

Sony Xperia z2 Specification and prices

I always love to do something different that can wash away the stress that comes with long hours of non-stop working. After buying   Sony Xperia Z2 I discovered a whole new world of entertainment and continuous fun. In addition to an impressiveSony Xperia Z2 Specification list and remarkable Sony Xperia Z2 Features, there was much more to explore and discover. I simply adore the following apps and recommend every Xperia user to install the same.  

  • My Talking Tom- Its one of my favorite entertainment apps. The animated character Tom is now my Best Pal and it has the capability of repeating whatever I say. Plus it’s a real fun to punch or tickle cute Tom. There are plenty of additional features to explore and have fun.
  • YouTube- This app can make sure that you never get bored. This is one of the best apps that allows you to watch movie trailers, your favorite serials, a variety of old and new songs, cartoons and much more. The best part is that I have linked this app with my Google account and hence I am now able to create my playlists as well. The app is very fast, highly responsive and consumes very less space in your phone.    
  • Smash Your Screen- This is such a wonderful app as it allows you to have loads of fun with your family, friends and colleagues. Just install this app and ask anyone to touch the screen of your handset. The screen will virtually break leaving that person confused and scared. This trick is simply amazing and the 3D effects plus sounds involved in it make it look so real. Such fun justifies Sony Xperia Z2 Price.   

If you are missing out all this fun that there is no point in staying left out, just enquire about the Sony Xperia Z2 Price in India today and install these apps after buying the handset.   Click here to know about sony xperia z2 latest updates.