HTC ONE Specification and Prices

I have recently bought HTC One and am spending quality time with my device.  I discovered thatin addition to a mind blowing HTC One specification list, the device has also been packed with some new features and great abilities. So here I plan to reveal some of the latest HTC One features that you might not be aware of.

  • The device now comes with a feature of tapping and holding the home screen in order to add a widget or to change the wallpaper. What new I am sharing here is that the same result can be achieved by actually pinching your home screen with just two fingers and the same settings will be displayed.
  • You must be aware that with Blink Feed, which consolidates restraint recommendations, TV listings, your social networks and more in just a single feed. But for people like me, this is actually an unwanted feature on the device.  You will be happy to know that here I reveal the simple steps of removing this feature. All you need to do is to follow the above mentioned gesture to reveal home page settings. Now tapping and holding with your finger on BlinkFeed icon will provide you with a ‘remove icon’ option. Now you can make BlinkFeed completely disappear from your HTC device. Now this feature definitely justifies the HTC One price.
  • What will be your reaction, if I tell you that it is possible to change the default grid size, to lay out app icons more conveniently in your app drawer? All you need to do is to open app drawer and tap the menu icon to pick the grid size of your choice.   

Now even you can try out these tips on your device. And if you still do not own one then just find out about the HTC One price in Indiaand buy one today!