HTC ONE Specification and Prices

The new HTC One comes with better features and highly customizable options that allow the user to use the device more easily and conveniently. The device also boasts of an improved HTC One specification list, which makes it worth a buy. So here I plan to discuss some of the most outstanding HTC One features that will definitely allure you to buy the device, if you haven’t bought it yet. 

  • Often we find it difficult to locate the useful apps amidst the crowd of apps present in the app drawer. Well, this new device allows you to hide unwanted apps in a very convenient manner. All you need to do is to open the app drawer and pull up the menu to reveal the option “hide/unhide apps”. Now you no longer have to bear with apps that you haven’t used and won’t be using at all.
  • A lot of users place custom launcher installation on the top of their priority list. Even those who aren’t tech savvy are also keen when it comes to customizing the look and feel of the Smartphone. But in this new device, a number of launchers have already been installed for the convenience of users and you can pick the right one by accessing the ‘Settings’ app.
  • You will be glad to know that the device now features a Do Not Disturb Mode, which according to me justifies HTC One price. In case DND mode is enabled, your handset will not make any sort of noise or vibration plus even the light indicator will be automatically turned off.
  • The company has worked significantly on improving the camera features on the device. The new device’s camera allows you to create 3D pics, edit a blurred image, offers seasonal overlays and much more. Above all even with such wonderful features, HTC One price in India is just Rs 34,999.