Apple iPhone 5s

Apple iPhone 5s Specification and features

Earlier this year I had to buy a new mobile and the potential choices included Galaxy S5 and Apple Iphone 5S. Many friends told me to go for S5 stating that it is one of the top sellers, but I was determined to evaluate both the devices thoroughly before making the final choice.

  • Other than a slightly larger screen and dimpled textured finish, there is nothing noteworthy that makes S5 different from S4. On the other hand Iphone 5S features metal and glass finish that allows it more premium vibes.
  • With its Touch Wiz overlay, Samsung succeeded in giving a flat makeover to S5, but failed to offer an intuitive interface. If the top screen of S5 is swiped down, you will see a large number of options to choose from. This might be good for an avid and experienced user but might turn off people who prefer simplicity. On the other hand Apple 5S with limited options promises a more restorative experience. Even the Iphone 5S Specificationlist is quite impressive.
  • What I really liked about Apple is its iCloud and iTunes support. They in fact justify Iphone 5S Price.On the other hand I had a chat with Samsung S5 users who told that they hardly use Samsung Hubs and mostly rely on Google Play Store for accessing apps.
  • Both devices boast of an awesome camera but the benefit with Iphone is that it comes with dual LED flash, which allows the users to take more balanced and colorful pictures. I compared the pictures taken by both the devices and found the one taken from Apple to be of more superior quality.

So I finally decided to inquire about Iphone 5S Price in Indiaand ordered online for my device after making a payment of Rs 71,500.