Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I immediately fell in love with Samsung Galaxy Note 3as soon as I saw some amazing photographs of the device on one of the mobile review websites. The specs, features and almost everything about the device was superb and I knew that it is going to cost me a fortune. But without worrying about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Price I immediately decided to buy it.

The   Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Featuresthat highly impressed me include:

  • In addition to outstanding Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specification list, its premium design is something that cannot be missed out. The leather like cover and its delicate stitching not only provides a soft and firm grip but also saves the user from bothering about cracks or scratches.
  • Another great feature is the amazing S pen, which allows the user to use the device in a very convenient and easy manner. This pen comes with 5 useful features, which can be accessed by simply placing the pen over the screen and clicking the pen button.
  • The Action Memo- Scrapbook allows the user to organize the stored contents and information in an easy manner. User can track as well as categorize images, contents, videos, etc by going to the Air Command and tapping the “Scrap booker” button. Now categorizing has become much easier with the help of a personalized digital scrapbook.
  • Action Memo- S finder offers you with search options that are capable of locating almost anything present in your handset or over web. There is never a risk of losing contents in Note 3. You can search with the help of keywords to find the related events or chats, documents, personal notes, your favorite music, videos and images.
  • The device has the capability of recognizing both typing as well as your handwriting. With the latest handwriting recognition technology, the device becomes capable of understanding almost all the writing styles.
  • Plus 5.7 inch display, that ensures maximum viewing experience and efficient multitasking.

After noticing all the above mentioned features I finally ordered the mobile after enquiring aboutSamsung Note 3 Price in India. Samsung galaxy note 3 unboxing video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylP4DDwXZb8