Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Specifications and Prices

Samsung Galaxy Grand was considered to be the economic big-screen handset by a large number of people until the launch of Samsung Galaxy Grand 2earlier this year. The Grand 2 was better than its predecessor in every aspect and therefore I was allured to buy the device. I bought the device soon after its launch and have been using it for a few months now.

What I have noticed is that in addition to Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Specification list, the design of the device has also been improved considerably. I was quite impressed with the back that features faux stitched leather. It offers a very comfortable grip. Though the specs reveal that there isn’t any change in the camera, I feel that Grand 2 camera is definitely more robust. Maybe this is because of the powerful Broadcom dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU by Qualcomm.

Then there is battery backup, which I feel is one of the most enhanced Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 Features. In Galaxy grand the battery capacity was just 2100 mAh, but in Grand 2 the capacity has been augmented to 2600 mAh. As far as price is concerned, the Grand price falls in the bracket of 15K and the newly launched and much improved Grand 2 isn’t expensive at all as theSamsung Galaxy Grand 2 Price in India is just Rs 20,200.

What is being offered in the retail package? 

There is nothing out of the usual. Along with the handset, you will find a pair of earphones as well as an AC adapter, which with the help of micro USB cable present in the box. All the above mentioned things come in white color. The extremely compact box that houses these things is made up of recycled paper.

The sides of the handset are smooth and have a perfect finish. The glazed buttons look classy. The device is less curvy and slimmer in comparison to its predecessor. The controls are quite similar to what usually is seen in almost all the Samsung Smartphones.   Check Samsung galaxy grand 2 features here.