I bought Motorola Moto X soon after its launch in India. The company launched it after its acquisition by Google. Now I have been using the device for a few weeks and the following are the features that I love best about this handset and which actually justifyMotorola Moto X Price.

Moto X

Moto X Specification

  • Innovative Voice Assistant: This is one of the bestMotorola Moto X Features which makes it special and unique. This feature allows the device to respond to your verbal commands without making it necessary to touch any button even if the phone display is turned off or is in standby mode.
  • Quick capture: You can click pictures by just twisting your wrist twice without tapping anywhere on the screen. With the motion based camera controls, the device is superb for single handed use.
  • Active Display: The amazing active display of the phone allows you to have a look at the notifications even with the locked screen. Above all, there is no need to unlock the phone even for accessing the detailed view. In this way it becomes easier for the user to access info in a convenient manner.
  • Co-processors: All the above mentioned functions are controlled perfectly with the help of co-processors present in the device. These co-processors do use a little more battery but if you have a look at the Motorola Moto X Specificationlist, you will find that the battery capacity of 2200 mAh is good enough.
  • Motorola Assist: In addition to many more good things, the handset offers Motorola Assist feature that automatically reads out the name of the caller whenever you are driving.

For those willing to enjoy these amazing features, you can just grab this affordable phone as Motorola Moto X Price in India is just Rs 23,999. You need to check Moto X latest news, reviews, videos click here.