Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Specificatio

The world’s largest Smartphone manufacturer launched Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini in November 2012. I bought this wonderful device in January 2013 and have been using it since then without any issues. I was very excited when I found that Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Pricewas well in my budget and I purchased the device soon after it was available on India markets.

When I opened the retail package, I found the small, compact handset, a headset, a charger, plus a USB cable for coupling my S3 mini with the computer. I also noticed that charger did not require the USB cable for charging and I planned to keep the charger at my home and place my USB cable in the office where I could charge my mobile with the help of my laptop.

When I held the device in my hand I noticed that it actually looked like younger sibling of original Samsung Galaxy S3. But the best part was that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Specificationlist was decent and the device easy to pocket. With curved sides the handset fitted nicely in my palm. Just below the screen, I could see three keys—the traditional press Home key, Back button and capacitive Menu. The earpiece and the proximity sensor were just above the display.

I also noticed a VGA front-facing camera, which could be used for video calls. But I could not locate an ambient light sensor, which meant that my device was not capable of automatic brightness control while taking pictures. On the left side was the volume rocker, whereas the power key was on the left side. On the top of the device I could locate a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. But there was no secondary microphone, which meant that active noise cancellation feature was missing. At the bottom of the device I could see the USB port, which was to be used both for charging as well as connecting my device to my computer. Most Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Featureswere similar to the original S3. Today, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Price in Indiais just Rs 13,999.    People can search Samsung galaxy s3 mini accessories like chargers, memory cards, data cards, mini speakers, etc…, want to check more more accessories click here.