Sony xperia Z3

Sony xperia Z3

The news of the launch of Sony xperia Z3 has given me immense pleasure as I was just planning to replace my old mobile and now waiting till September seems worth it. As soon as I heard about the new entrant, I opened my laptop to find info about Sony xperia z3 specifications and features, in order to know the product in a more proper manner. So here is what I found.

I always classify Smartphones on the basis of the cameras they have been equipped with. And the cool camera specification was the first thing that I noticed in the expected specs list. The device will be featuring a camera of 24 mega pixel that will have 4K resolution and dual LED Flash. Just imagine how matchless the picture quality of the device will be.

And what more, the rear camera is no less! It will be amazingly sensitive to low lights, having an image sensor, featuring zero shutter lag while offering 6x optical image zoom capability. There are many more advanced gears that help you in capturing amazing shots. The phone’s camera will be either of 2 or maximum 3 mega pixel but will ensure top notch video quality even with the secondary camera.

Moreover if the online rumors about the amazing xperia z3 features of camera turn out to be true, then the device will be first in the arena to have recording ability of 4320 pixels and that too @ 25-30 fps.

Another powerful shot is its powerful 3500 mAh non-removal battery, which will promise to offer the user with 23 hours of talk time, 890 hours of standby and 123 hours of playback music. It is likely to be classified as an ultra-stamina battery. But with such amazing add-ons, one thing is for sure that the Xperia z3 price will be quite high.  Need more specification about xperia z3 click here.