HTC ONE Specifications and Prices

Almost all the products that carry the HTC name contain something special that rivals usually don’t have. And in the case of the HTC One (M8) that was launched earlier this year, it’s not just the ultra-pixel camera that stands out- there are many more HTC One Features that are unrivalled in the market.
• Finally, it’s the HTC M8 that has put an end to the megapixel race. The sensors present in the device support just a 4 megapixel camera, but contribute to the enlargement of the pixel size, which is featured in none of the rival smartphones. Bigger pixels help in capturing more light thus there is lesser disruption in the images taken by the camera. The device also has the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature which makes sure you get as few blurry images as possible.
• The device has come out with a revamped hardware layout, where the standard Android hardware button layout has been dumped. The company has removed the task switcher and there are now just two keys—back and home for navigation.
• As far as HTC One Specification list is concerned, the device beats all its counterparts by offering the highest ever pixel density of 468 pixels. Plus the smartphone also features the smallest full HD screen. Above all, it has utilised Infinity glass, which not only eliminates glare but also is highly resistant to scratches.
• The new feature BlinkFeed has been introduced by the company after partnering with several newspapers and magazines to offers a wide variety of content to users on a single app. The same app boasts social media integration as well.
• With a frontal speaker output of 93 decibels, this new phone beats the sound out of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (75 decibels) as well as the Apple iPhone 5 (66 decibels).
Now don’t you think these five features justify the HTC One Price? Need more details about HTC One visit this link