Nokia X

Nokia X Specifications and Prices

These days open source software is used to run smartphones and hence security has become a major concern. There are plenty of applications that aren’t even certified but are still available in online markets. I recently bought a Nokia X, which isn’t certified by Google in spite of being based on Google open source project. The Nokia X Specification list was quite impressive but I couldn’t access Google Play Store and hence it was clear that no Android apps would be supported via Google API. Now I had to download apps from a third party, which increased the risks of data theft. I was getting quite concerned and hence consulted a friend who revealed the security features introduced by the company to protect users. The three Nokia X Features that offer me full protection are:

  • Screen Security
  • Encryption
  • SIM Card Lock

I explored the options in screen security and found that I could either use a password to restrict screen access with some combinations of letters or numbers and even both, or a PIN to lock the screen with the help of a four digit numeric code. The encryption allows users to encode all the information stored in the device in the form of videos, data, images, accounts and messages in such a manner that only authorized parties can access the same. But one thing to keep in mind is that after the completion of the encryption process, the decryption of data is not possible except for the factory data reset option. Last but not the least your SIM card can be protected with lock options. This will prevent the theft of the contacts stored on your SIM card. The Nokia X Price is nothing in comparison to the superb level of security offered by the device. So grab your handset today to enjoy utmost safety.