HTC ONe Photos

HTC ONE Specifications and Prices

If you are considering upgrading your HTC One (2013) to the HTC One (2014), here is what you should know.

As far as the HTC One Specification list is concerned, you must have heard about the faster processor, bigger screen, BlinkFeed feature, enhanced camera and lot more, but here are some of the reasons that I am sharing after personally using the device for more than a month.

It’s Beautiful Even with a Micro SD Card Slot

About how many smartphones can this be said? At least not for the HTC 2013, in which the premium feel gets totally spoilt by the flimsy removable back. But in the case of the HTC 2014, the slot is present at the side and does not interfere with the phone’s dashing looks at all.

Easier Access to the Power Button

In the HTC 2014, the power button has been moved to the right top edge, which makes it easier to access without having to use both hands.

Extreme Power Saving!

If you have a look at the HTC One Features you will notice a slightly bigger battery than its predecessor and the amazing Extreme Power saving Mode is awesome. It can allow you to keep your device on for about 15 hours even with only 5% battery life remaining.

It Can Tidy Your Gallery

The Sense 6 perfectly justifies the HTC One Price. It manages your gallery by eliminating the photos and videos that have been saved multiple times. Plus the Image Match is a smart tool that can categorise similar images into a single album.