Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 Specifications and Prices

Nokia Lumia 630 is one of the top selling low-end window phones available in the Indian market. There are two variants available in the market—single SIM as well as dual-SIM version. In order to dive deeper, you need to know more about the device.

Impressive designing: Similar to the entire Lumia range, the 630 is also available in vibrant, cornea burning colors highlighting the matte plastic case. The back of the device can be removed for slotting in the SIM card or for replacing the battery. The overall finish and designing of the device is worth much more than the actual Nokia Lumia 630 Price.

Software: This wonderful device is powered by Windows 8.1—the latest version of mobile operating system by Microsoft. The phone offers a wide range of features that were actually missing in its predecessors. You can easily pull down Action Centre from the screen’s top in order to have a look at the settings and notifications, just as one can do in iOS and Android. As Microsoft takes over Nokia, services like Sky Drive and Mobile Office are already present with the Nokia stalwarts like Mix Radio, Here Drive+, and Here Maps. With this device you also get access to video apps and Xbox music. The apps offered at the Window Phone Store might be few in number in comparison to Apple’s App Store and Google Play but with Lumia 630, its definitely a lot better than what it used to be.

Nokia Lumia 630 Specification

  • Battery capacity: 1830 mAh
  • Quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor
  • FWVGA 854 x 480 display resolution
  • 4.5” screen size
  • Main camera of 5 megapixel

Nokia Lumia 630 Features that you will love

  • Main camera of 5 mega pixel with auto focus type and 4 times zoom feature.
  • Music player, media player, cloud music offline playback and audio streaming.
  • Radio features include FM as well as internet radio.
  • Location and navigation apps.
  • General security features include secure boot, PIN code, device lock, track and protect via internet, regular signed firmware updates, application certification and backup plus restore via internet.
  • Call management features include Skype voice call, voice mail, speed dial, inbuilt hands-free speakers, conference call, call history, call waiting and voice commands.
    • Supports instant messaging services such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Hangouts, MySpace, Skype IM and more.
    • Supports business and office apps like PowerPoint, OneNote, Lync Free download, Excel, Word, etc.
    • Finally, Lumia 630 is a great buy that offers value for your money. It comes with more apps and promises faster performance. So all you need to do is to just visit the nearest mobile store and buy Lumia 630 to enjoy its wonderful features.Check out Nokia dealers here